In 1654, Queen Christina of Sweden abdicated. She left Sweden and emigrated to Rome. Along the way, she converted to the Catholic faith. The Dutch book Passage naar Rome (Frans Godfroy, 2022) is dedicated to that journey, which was talked about throughout Europe. The route followed by Christina has been reconstructed as Via Christina. On the basis of maps and GPS data, you may travel in Christina’s trail.


Click on the image under ‘The route’ for the route. All associated information is offered here in English. For other languages: select menu-options. 

The information about the book is in Dutch, but for the extensive ‘Research’ section you can also opt for an English version.

Also the essay about the canvas can be read in both Dutch and English.

The route

The book

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The Via Christina is offered free of charge by the Stichting historische Routes (NL).

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